Adair Dilledrin

High Elf Druid (Laerorndes' father)


Adair Dilledrin is a high-elf, born to a noble family in the city of Taebaek. His fondest memories from childhood were escaping the confines of the family manor, and exploring the wooded areas nearby. As a young man he decided to follow his calling and leave his home to take up the life of a druid. He was a gifted caster and traveled the land honing his abilities and helping the forest and it’s residence whenever he could. Adair eventually found and joined the Circle of Dara (a druid council tied to the Circle of Land). The council benefited greatly from Adair skills, not only in nature-based magic, but also from the abilities gained through his noble upbringing. His comfort amongst nature and people, as well as his way with words quickly gained him a high position as the second to the head of the Council.

Adair traveled the forest often, and it was during this time he heard of a powerful and compassionate dryad healer. He decided to gain an audience to attempt to befriend the leader of the tribe and maybe learn from the dryad. This meeting proved to be more life changing than Adair could have guessed, because the woman, Coridella, was the most beautiful thing he had ever beheld. Adair began courting her and soon enough the two were married. After a time the new couple welcomed a daughter, Learorndes, and Adair was ever the proud father. He trained his child in the druidic arts as soon as she showed proficiency with magic, and he even taught her to fight with a quarterstaff (Coridella was less than pleased with the idea, but gave in eventually). Unfortunately, his position in the Ciricle of Dara was still an ever-present part of his life and he was often called away from his young family to take care of important matters around Montserrat. It was difficult to be away but he often tried to bring back small gifts or new stories to share with his daughter.

Adair was distraught when he came home from one of his missions to a blackened forest and his entire tribe dead, except his 21-year-old daughter. Adair was shattered at the loss of the tribe, the loss of the area of forest, but most of all the news that his wife was also amongst the fallen. He helped his daughter to bury the dead and repair some of the damage that had been done. Then Laerorndes told her father she intended to leave him and travel the world to find her new place now that the only home she had ever known was gone. At first Adair was against the idea, refusing to lose his child so soon after losing his wife. With persistence however, she wore him down and he couldn’t help but see himself in her stubborn determination.

Adair continues to travel Montserrat for the Circle of Dara and keeps in contact with his daughter as much as he is able.

Adair Dilledrin

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